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I9factory srl deals with INCUBATING START UP INNOVATIVE by offering services aimed at supporting the creation, start-up and development of these start-ups. This is why we take care of providing consultancy and specialist assistance services, providing start-ups with a wide range of integrated services (patents, communication, tax, accounting, contracts, marketing, etc.), both in the initial phase, when the project is started / idea to be developed, both during the evolution phase of the idea / project, with periodic systematic verifications, also making use of the collaboration of expert professionals and / or companies specialized in the various intervention sectors to be developed.

The company also operates in the field of business consulting and training also through collaboration in any form with Universities, Research Centers, Public Institutions, Financial Partners, Investment Funds and the like; takes care of the implementation of research projects, including applied ones, for the development of new products and providing guided consultancy services for all phases of development of the innovative project, being able to acquire the ownership of intellectual property rights and / or patents directly or indirectly . In this context, the company also deals with Search Selection and Development of high potential business ideas, for the creation of new business opportunities.


Incubated startups

500 K

Funds raised by calls for tenders

10 Anni

Years of experience


Why choose i9factory?

Site manager

We provide you a figure capable of triggering a real change, identifying the critical issues and improving the economic and financial indicators of the company through projects aimed at achieving the objectives.

Startup incubator

In our headquarters in the center of Parma we offer spaces equipped to companies in “Startup” with stations, Wi-Fi network and free hours of stay.

Digital Marketing

i9factory offers high-level strategic consultancy that goes far beyond the operational plan and that moves by choosing only the tools and levers most useful for achieving the set objectives.

R&D Junior and Senior

i9factory offers the R&D consulting service for small, medium and large companies, selecting high-level profiles at national and international level.


Elisabetta Grillo


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